RMS Carpathia docked at Pier 54 in New York

John (Janos) Michael Gura at the age of 17, went out to start a new life for the Gura Family in America.  Sometime in December of 1904, he made his way to Croatia to the Port of Fiume, were on December 22, 1904 he boarded the ship RMS Carpathia bound for New York in America.  The journey to America took 16 days, while on the ship John celebrated Christmas, his 18th birthday on December 28th and New Years day.  The ship arrived in New York on January 7, 1905 where his name was written on the ships manifest on line 28 as Janos Gura.  He had $15 US on him and was going to stay with a relative Georg Gura in Lowellville, OH.  (According to the manifest Georg Gura is listed as a brother, but I have been told it was a cousin. Further information is needed to confirm if he was a brother or a cousin.)

On the manifest form his name is listed as Janos, once here in America his name became John.

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RMS Carpathia Manifest 01/07/1905