This historiography was prepared individually for the Gura surname on April 4, 1974 at the request of James A Gura.

The coat of arms illustrated left was drawn by a heraldic artist based upon information about the Gura surname and its association with heraldry.  In the language of the ancient heralds, the arms are described as follows:

"Quarted:  1st, or; the letter 'G' sa.;  2nd and 3rd, gu.; a sun in splendor or.; 4th, or.;  a border sa. Charged with a small inner shield purp."

The Gura arms is translated:

A sun symbolizes glory, splendor, high authority.  Seven vivid colors were chosen for use on shields of armor clad knights to easily identify them at a distance.  The heraldic colors gold, silver, purple, blue, green, black, and red were preserved on colorless drawings by dot and line symbols.  The Gura coat of arms incorporated purple.  The color purple represents nobility, distinction.

Information available indicates that in 1972 there were less than 255 households in the US with the old and distinguished Gura name.  In comparison, some family names represent over 400,000 households in the United States.

This report does not represent individual lineage of the Gura family tree and no genealogical representation is intended or implied.

*The information was taken from a Surname registry Halberts Copyright 1973.